DYPER™ SF (formerly EarthBaby) was started by two Bay Area dads in 2008. After searching for a convenient and environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable diapers, they found that single-use compostable diapers were available, but no service existed to actually compost them. They learned that unless these diapers were composted by a licensed commercial compost facility, they would still end up in the landfill, where they would remain for 500+ years.

Disposable diapers constitute the 3rd largest contributor (by volume) to US landfill sites today.* DYPER™ SF addresses this problem through their compostable diaper service, REDYPER™ San Francisco. This service closes the loop, ensuring that diapers stay out of the landfill.


In 2020, we joined forces with DYPER™ in order to bring our delivery, pickup, and composting service to families across the U.S. We decided to call this service REDYPER™ and have officially changed the name of our Bay Area service from EarthBaby to REDYPER™ San Francisco (or REDYPER™ SF for short).

Currently REDYPER™ San Francisco diverts more than 14 tons of diaper waste from Bay Area landfills each week and converts it to nutrient-rich soil.

We hope you’ll join us on our mission to reduce the impact our children have on the environment by eliminating disposable diapers and wipes from landfills!

* EPA 2008 Municipal Solid Waste Generation, Recycling and Disposal in the United States: report 7.6 billion pounds per year and 2.3% of landfill

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